Rating / CSA


  long term short term
S&P A+ A-1+
Moody's A1 P-1

We have acquired the ratings equivalent to those of Toyota Motor Corporation.
[as of May 2022]

Major companies that have acquired the ratings

  • Toyota Financial Services (TFS)
  • Toyota Finance (TFC)
  • Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC)
  • Toyota Credit Canada Inc. (TCCI)
  • Toyota Finance Australia Ltd. (TFA)
  • Toyota Finance New Zealand LTD. (TFNZ)
  • Toyota Financial Services (UK) Plc (TFSUK)
  • Toyota Motor Finance (Netherlands) B.V. (TMFNL)
  • Toyota Kreditbank GmbH (TKG)

Credit Support Agreements

Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Financial Services and the financial subsidiaries that issue bonds, etc. (issuers) have concluded the credit support agreements.