TFS’s Organization

TFS offers a comprehensive financial services lineup that caters to customers’ diverse needs while strengthening the core auto sales finance operation. By offering customers sound, high-quality financial products and services, TFS aims to build customers for life by supporting their life events.


TFS and TMC Sales Finance Business Group

TFS has become a part of TMC as the “Sales Finance Business Group.” This integrates the sales finance business with the auto business to realize rapid decision making and better “visualization” of risks.

TFSC Board of Directors and Strategic Management Committee

The TFSC Board of Directors is the highest operational decision-making body of TFS. Some members of the Board of Directors are management members of TMC. The Strategic Management Committee composed of members from TFS only and includes TFS Top Management and the Region CEO. These committees discuss strategic matters that will help guide TFS.


TFS operates five regions which are responsible for assessing the market, developing strategy, and supporting the TFS sales finance companies to best meet the various needs of TFS customers.